Inside The Bible™ is about training a new generation of Christian Leaders through the teaching of biblical principles in an academic environment.

Inside The Bible™ is an endeavor to raise awareness within our communities for the purpose of seeing our children grow in the Christian faith.

Our objective is to ensure that people know they are going to Heaven according to Scripture and understand the basics of the Christian faith. We must transfer Christian beliefs onto our children and teach them godly doctrines.

We are to raise up our children by teaching them as they sit alongside of us, walk with us, when we put them to bed, and when they wake up in the morning as we are told to do in the Bible.

The aim of Inside The Bible™ is to provide important information to individuals responsible for training our future generations. It is designed to teach foundational principles of daily living in accordance with God’s holy standards. As adults, we are responsible for teaching these principles to others, and the best place to start is in our own homes.

The Plan:
Inside The Bible™ contains fundamental studies in Bible doctrines and concludes with test materials. Users read the online articles and then take a test to ensure their understanding of each topic. A passing score will certify the individual in that they have a good understanding of each lesson.

Facebook's social network creates a following and connects family and friends to Inside The Bible's website for training and certification.