Our focus is on the building up of the Christian faith as it is found in the Bible. Inside The Bibleís purpose is to take you from your first steps in the Christian faith to finding your God-given purpose.

An online certification may be achieved to demonstrate your understanding of Bible Principles.

Just like business executives make decisions based on well prepared information, Inside the Bible has prepared Bible Principles for you in two parts,

Basic Bible Principles, contains the basic practices of a Christian as described in the Bible. These practices are: Prayer, Salvation, Baptism, and the Lordís Supper.

Sharing Bible Principles, introduces the important personalities of the Bible and how we respond to them. The lessons consist of descriptions of the heavenly personalities as well as person-to-person responsibilities. It includes finding purpose and mission for serving God. Sharing Bible Principles will be available online in 2019.

We share the Bible with you so that you might share it with others.

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